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Earn Miles and Points via AirBNB!

With the rising fares of hotels, charging such many wee immoderately for their services, Airbnb is the most alluring option to many and most of the people who travel or wish to relish their vacation in their dream destination.


Once you get indulged with the luxuries and high-class services of the Airbnb, you will see yourself reserving your stay every time you travel. And to get the most excellent deals and discounts, you shall look at ways to maximize your miles and earn points on every stay in Airbnb.


Who Are All the Partners Linked with Airbnb?


There are four airlines that are linked with the Airbnb, where You can easily lay hands and bookmark these airlines for your future references. The following are the airline's partners with the Airbnb:

  • ANA


The Qantas also has a dedicated Airbnb booking site, where you can earn 1 Qantas Point per $1 on your bookings of Airbnb.

You will earn up to 500 bonus miles on your first booking with the Qantas while earning up to 20,000 miles or Qantas points by becoming the Airbnb host.




ANA is a Japanese airline, which offers 1 ANA mile for every 200 Japanese Yen spent on the Airbnb. If you follow the instructions on its Airbnb "Live There" promotion site. (You'll need to visit Airbnb and enter your ANA Mileage Club number, along with a unique code.) First-time Airbnb users receive additional rewards.


Get an Airbnb coupon (3,000 yen/person) to use for a new Airbnb reservation!!




Any SkyMiles® member who opens a new Airbnb account will also receive $25 in Airbnb credit toward the first booking of $75 or more. Visit deltaairbnb.com to request a coupon. Additionally, new guests are eligible to earn bonus SkyMiles® for completing their first Airbnb trip. Earn 1,000 bonus miles for a first stay totaling $150 or more, or 500 bonus miles for a first stay totaling at least $75.


You can also earn up to 25,000 bonus SkyMiles by becoming the Airbnb host! If you wish to maximize your Airbnb rewards, you are suggested to use the travel credit cards offering more than 1 point per dollar on the Airbnb booking. In case you are not able to surpass any information which has been provided above, you can call us on our toll-free number (+1-800-201-4791) where our professionals are always at their best in offering you excellent services to all its worthy customers! Call us and let us know which is your Airbnb related travel hack? Or, do you use sites like Delta and Airbnb portals to make your bookings? Do you prefer using travel credit cards to maximize your Airbnb rewards? How can you redeem your SkyMiles with Airbnb? Now dont miss a chance to grab amazing travel rewards, know all the perks of signing into the Delta Airbnb program! Get in touch with us; we are happy to help you!


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